Dacorum Charity Shieldballs

Dacorum Charity Shield - League Competition Rules of Play

The Results of each match must be e-mailed to: A16JCB@ME.COM as soon as possible after the game, with details of points and total shots for and against

  1. A team shall consist of one rink of four men, one rink of four ladies and one mixed rink comprising of two ladies and two men.
  2. One point will be awarded to each winning rink and half a point each in the event of a tied rink.
  3. Two extra points will be awarded to the club with the highest overall number of shots. Should there be a tie on the number of shots won, then each club will receive one point.
  4. If a match is rained off then two and a half points will be awarded to each club and the fixture cannot be rearranged.
  5. A standard game consists of 18 ends. In the event of inclement weather or bad light during play, matches may be curtailed to fifteen ends by mutual agreement of the captains. A match is considered a game after fifteen ends but if fifteen ends cannot be played then rule 4 applies.
  6. If a club cancels a match for any reason other than the weather, they will not receive any points and the opposing club will receive five points plus 10 shots. This match cannot be rearranged.
  7. Matches may start at any time of the day to suit the clubs involved.
  8. The organiser must be kept fully informed of all proceedings and it is important that match results are sent to him as soon as possible (clubs may use any means to do this but should retain the signed cards which can be produced in the case of disputes).
  9. If at the end of the competition there is a tie on points, then the club with the highest overall shot difference will be the winner. If the clubs tie on this then the club with the highest number of shots for will be the winner.
  10. If a rink is conceded then the club unable to produce 3 rinks can only get a maxium of 2 points if they win both rinks.